Peter Berg: Lone Survivor

November 24, 2013 Director Q&As in Los Angeles and New York

The true story of a SEAL Team mission gone horribly wrong is the setting for Director Peter Berg’s new action-packed drama Lone Survivor.

Berg’s film is based on the memoir of the same name penned by Marcus Luttrell, who was a member of a four-man SEAL team ambushed by a much larger force of Taliban fighters during a covert mission to neutralize a high-level al-Qaeda operative in the mountains of Afghanistan.

Berg spoke about the challenges he faced and the sacrifices both he and his cast made to get Lone Survivor made in a conversation with Director Bart Freundlich (Californication) after the DGA membership screening in New York on November 23, and Director Ben Affleck (Argo) after the DGA membership screening in Los Angeles on November 24.

Berg’s filmography includes the feature films Very Bad Things, The Rundown, Friday Night Lights, The Kingdom, Hancock, Kings Ransom, and Battleship; the movies for television Virtuality and Bloodline; the pilot episodes for the television series Wonderland, Friday Night Lights, Prime Suspect, and The Leftovers; and episodes of the television series Chicago Hope, 30 for 30 and Entourage. Berg has been a member of the DGA since 1997.

Pictures & Video

photos by Byron Gamarro (Los Angeles) and Marcie Revens (New York)  - print courtesy of Universal Pictures

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