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SFCC Hosts SAG/AFTRA Contracts Seminar

February 8, 2014 A San Francisco Coordinating Committee Event:

On February 8, DGA members attended a SAG/AFTRA contracts seminar in San Francisco. Hosted by the Executive Committee of the San Francisco Coordinating Committee (SFCC), the seminar covered the performers union’s theatrical, commercial, corporate/educational and non-broadcast agreements presented by SAG/AFTRA local San Francisco business reps Lori Shockley, who handles Theatrical and Television, and Janice Goto, who serves Commercial, Corporate/Educational and Non-Broadcast areas.

Following an introduction by SFCC Education Committee Chair Jani Vournas, Goto handed out a "Commercial Cheat Sheet for SAG-AFTRA Performers" which explained the updated 2013 Commercial Contract rules and outlined specific information relevant to 1st and 2nd ADs during the production of a commercial. Shockley discussed the various theatrical contracts and their specific requirements, addressed the New Media contract and the specific rules for background performers, and revealed that the Theatrical/TV Contract will be renegotiated with the AMPTP this June. Both speakers also provided the participants with other valuable information such as a handout of current rate sheets and revealed that work permits may be obtained online. Both came from a strong production background as Goto is a 1st AD member of the DGA and Shockley is a member of the PGA.

Following the break, Vournas introduced Carolyn Crimley, a studio teacher who discussed the rules for working with minors. Crimley touched on subjects such as work permits, allowable work times established for minors, and changes to the “Coogan” ruling governing mandatory trust accounts for minor performers.

The seminar was part of an effort to build a better alliance between the SF/Northern California SAG-AFTRA office and the production community.


photos by Ryan Kort

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