Make it Digital Everyday

March 5, 2014 An African American Steering Committee Event

On March 3, the DGA African American Steering Committee (AASC) hosted a discussion with DGA Director-member/VFX Supervisor Marcus Stokes following their monthly meeting in the Guild’s Los Angeles Boardroom. The discussion was designed to shed light on the digital tools that are currently available for filmmakers of all budgetary levels.

In the discussion Make it Digital Everyday, Stokes led the attendees through an exploration of the latest technologies. The talk covered topics such as the power of online tools available via cloud computing, how even cell phone tools can make a project more creative, and how applications once considered out of reach can now be accessed via a laptop.

Stokes started his filmmaking career as a visual effects artist at George Lucas' Industrial Light and Magic creating effects for films such as Star Wars Episode I, The Matrix II and I Robot. His directing filmography includes the short films The Signal, Till Death Do Us Part, Nature, Chains, The Catalyst, numerous commercials, and the documentary American Refugees: The Aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

Stokes joined the DGA in 2002 and is also a member of the AASC.


photos by Krista Kennell

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