SAG AFtra Contract Breakfast NY 2013

SAG-AFTRA Contracts Breakfast in NY

June 15, 2013 A Central Casting and Assistant Director Training Program seminar

On June 15, DGA members, casting professionals, and Assistant Director Training Program (ADTP) Trainees attended a SAG-AFTRA Contracts Breakfast seminar held at the DGA boardroom in New York. These seminars are designed to keep the DGA membership and trainees abreast of current management practices and contract updates.

This seminar was presented by Central Casting and SAG-AFTRA and hosted by the Directors Guild-Producer Training Plan. It featured an in-depth discussion about SAG’s Codified Basic Agreement contracts covering the employment of background and principal performers.

The seminar’s speakers were Central Casting’s Senior Vice Presidents Franklyn Warren and Jennifer Bender and SAG-AFTRA’s Theatrical Contracts Director Stephanie Perry and Manager of Theatrical Contracts Leif Larson.

After a welcome from New York ADTP Program Administrator Sandra Forman, and a brief history of SAG-AFTRA, the workshop launched with a detailed discussion of the contracts and how DGA members and casting professionals can make the best use of them. The session ended with the panelists answering questions submitted by the participants, and a raffle where several participants won a gift bag that contained an emergency preparedness kit or a Central Casting hat.


photos by Donald Rassmussen

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