AD/UPM East Events 02 2013

Location Manager Breakfast in New York

February 23, 2013 An AD/UPM Council East Location Manager Committee Event

On February 23, the DGA Eastern AD/UPM Council’s Location Manager Committee held their first-ever Location Manager Breakfast in the seventh floor boardroom of the Guild’s offices in New York. Location Managers joined members of the Committee to learn more about issues relevant to this category that may occur under Guild agreements.

Following a welcome from Location Manager Committee Co-Chairs Trish Adlesic and Michael Kriaris, Council Chair Tom Whelan spoke to the assembled about the history of Location Managers in the DGA, and DGA Assistant Executive Director Neil Dudich gave an overview of how the category is represented by the Guild, how they are classified and paid, and how they should handle paperwork such as deal memos and call sheets.

Other topics covered at the breakfast included:

  • rates, rentals and scale
  • preferences in hiring
  • hiring practices outside of New York and Chicago
  • location hazard forms; the permit system
  • working with police and local communities; and
  • how to make best use of the materials available through the New York City Mayor's Office of Film, Theater and Broadcasting website and the DGA website.

The breakfast ended with a general wrap up and networking session.

In addition to Co-Chairs Adlesic and Kriaris, the members of the Location Manager Committee are Patty Carey-Perazzo, Ellen A. Catsikeas, Al Cohn, Monty Diamond, Joe Guest, James Lee, Michael Nickodem, Lyn Pinezich, and Demian Resnick. 

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