NDGA NY 2012

Navigating the DGA: A New Member Orientation

December 11, 2012 An AD/UPM East Council Event

The AD/UPM Council East held a Navigating the DGA orientation for new Eastern Assistant Director and Unit Production Manager members on December 11 in the seventh floor boardroom of the Guild’s New York offices.

The attendees received information on the workings of the DGA, its governance, its collective bargaining agreements, the responsibilities and privileges of membership, and DGA pension and health. Council members and DGA staff discussed a variety of issues that affect ADs and UPMs; members drew from their perspective and experiences to help new members understand the challenges and rewards of their work.

The session began with an introduction and welcome from AD/UPM Council East Member Education Committee Co-Chair Michael Reichman and an overview of the operations and procedures of the Guild from DGA Associate National Executive Director/Eastern Executive Director Russell Hollander. National Board Member Steve Glanzrock presented a brief tutorial on the governance of the Guild and Hollander did likewise for the collective bargaining agreements. DGA Field Representatives Joe Longo, Erica Koenig, and Matthew Summersgill explained how the Field Reps and the Contracts Department work together to protect the membership. Then Council 1st Vice Chair Les McDonough and Reichman spoke about the responsibilities and privileges of DGA membership. Council member Daniela Barbosa read a statement from Associate National Board Member and AD/UPM Council Member Mary Rae Thewlis about the workings and advantages of the DGA Pension and Health Plans, and Council member Richard Brick explained the importance of supporting the DGA PAC. AD/UPM Council East Chair Thomas Whelan spoke about the importance of maintaining good community relations on the job, and AD/UPM Council East 2nd Vice Chair Alison Rosa presented the reports: Landing the Job and Preparing for the Slow Times.  The orientation ended with a Q&A session, moderated by Reichman where new members could ask questions of the Council members and DGA staff.

All attendees were then invited to stay for the Eastern AD/UPM Council meeting which immediately followed.

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