Sundance Slamdance 2012

2012 Sundance Receptions in New York and Los Angeles

December 11, 2012 An Independent Director's Committee Event

The DGA's Independent Directors Committees (IDC) hosted receptions in Los Angeles and New York for Sundance Film Festival Filmmakers.

In Los Angeles on December 4, Sundance's Festival Director John Cooper and other Sundance staffers offered survival tips to the Filmmakers, then IDC member Jason Reitman (Young Adult) spoke about how the Guild's flexibility makes it possible to still be an independent filmmaker and protected by the DGA.

At the New York reception on December 11, Cooper repeated his festival advisory duties while IDC-East member Rose Troche (Rochelle) spoke about the many advantages of Guild membership.


photos by Alexandra Wyman/WireImage (Los Angeles) and Marcie Revens (New York)

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