Sundance Slamdance 2012

2012 Slamdance Receptions in Los Angeles and New York

December 17, 2012 An Independent Director's Committee Event

The DGA's Independent Directors Committees (IDC) hosted receptions for Slamdance Film Festival Filmmakers in New York and Los Angeles.

At the Hollywood reception on December 14, DGA member and Slamdance programmer Todd Berger (It’s A Disaster) explained how easy it is for independent Filmmakers to work with the DGA, and Slamdance’s President Peter Baxter and his staff gave an overview of how the festival works.

At the Gotham reception on December 17, IDC-East Co-Chair Dan Algrant (Greetings from Tim Buckley) spoke to the attending Filmmakers about the support the DGA offers directors on creative rights, and one of Slamdance's founders, Director Paul Rachman (American Hardcore), explained how to get the most out of the festival.


photos by Byron Gamarro (Los Angeles) and Donald Rassmussen (New York)

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