Curency Training Employment Law 2012

DGA Members Learn about Employment Law

November 3, 2012 A Directors Guild-Producer Training Plan Currency Training Seminar

On November 3, DGA members learned how to deal with a number of specific human resources-related issues during the seminar Employment Law Updates. The event was held by the Directors Guild-Producer Training Plan as part of its “Currency Training” series designed to keep DGA Unit Production Managers and Assistant Directors abreast of current management practices and contract updates.

More than 40 members gathered at the Training Plan offices in Sherman Oaks where Directors Guild-Producer Training Plan Assistant Directors Training Program Administrator Janet Dyer Gould introduced the seminar’s speakers: Warner Brothers Features Labor Relations Executive Director Ruby Little and attorney Jonathan Turner, a founding partner at the legal firm of Epstein Turner Weiss. Turner and Little then covered a number of topics including: basic hiring and discharge practices, unlawful harassment, I-9 compliance, wage and hour late payment penalties, non-union staff meal penalties, risk management and worker's compensation.

photos by Krista Kennell
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