AASC Music Event

Music Resources for the Indie Filmmaker

September 11, 2012 An African American Steering Committee Event

The African American Steering Committee (AASC) hosted the panel discussion Music Resources for the Indie Filmmaker following their regular monthly meeting in the Los Angeles Boardroom on September 11.

The panel included SESAC, Inc. Vice President Writer/Publisher Relations James R. Leach Jr. (New York Undercover), Fox On-Air Promo VP of Music Production Mamie Coleman (Glee), Entertainment Attorney Gary A. Taylor (Mississippi Damned), Music Supervisor/Composer John Houlihan (The Defenders), and pigFACTORY USA VP of Creative Film/TV/Advertising Music Adam Wolf (Walk the Line). AASC Co-Chair Abdul Malik Abbott (My Normal) served as moderator of the discussion that covered topics such as the importance of getting music clearances, how to get music clearances, how to talk with composers, and how to avoid lawsuits over music usage.


photos by Byron Gamarro

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