AASC Tim Story

A Conversation with Tim Story

June 5, 2012 An African American Steering Committee Event

The African American Steering Committee (AASC) hosted a conversation with Director Tim Story following their regular monthly meeting in the Los Angeles Boardroom on June 5. Story was on hand to discuss the making of his latest feature film Think Like A Man.

The war-between-the-sexes comedy follows the misadventures several couples whose lives take a turn when the women start taking relationship advice from comedian and radio talk show host Steve Harvey’s self-help manual, “Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man,” and the men attempt to retaliate.

Story sat down with Director John Singleton (Abduction) who served as moderator of the conversation. In addition to screening clips and discussing the film and his career, Story also answered questions from the audience about production techniques, the ensemble cast, shooting on location, and the marketing strategy that took Think Like A Man to the top spot of the box-office upon its release.

Story’s filmography includes the feature films Barbershop (2002), Fantastic Four (2005), and Fantastic 4: Rise of the Silver Surfer (2007), as well as episodes of television series such as CSI: Miami. He has been a member of the DGA since 2001.


photos by Trixie Textor

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