Director Q&A - The Last Samurai

November 17, 2003 Ed Zwick

Ed Zwick said that, like directors who say that there are no small onscreen roles in any production because actors all think their particular part is the most important in the show, each crew contributor should think in a like manner. "After I relay my vision to them, they have to believe what they do is the most important part of the film," he said, "so that these individuals are thinking, 'This is a film about facial hair,' or 'This is a film about horses,' or 'This is a film about transportation.'

"To adjudicate between people who believe their part is the most important part in the movie, sometimes means I labor in obscurity," Zwick said. "But they are there to provide your story with value. At the end of the discussion, though, you do need people to say, 'I will, indeed, do what he [the director] says.' "

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