Hollywood Chamber of Commerce "State of the Unions" Lunch

September 17, 2003

On Wednesday, September 17, DGA Third Vice President Paris Barclay represented the DGA on a panel of labor leaders at the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce "State of the Unions" lunch at the Renaissance Hotel. Drawing chiefs of every major entertainment union, the panel shared with Chamber members the Guilds' shared concerns about runaway production and piracy, among other issues. Barclay set the tone for the panel in his opening remarks about the importance of addressing runaway production, stating that for the DGA, "Runaway production is our number one cause. This is where movies should be made." Barclay's comments on runaway production were strongly echoed by other guild leaders on the panel including SAG President Melissa Gilbert, AFTRA President John Connolly and Executive Director of the International Cinematographers Guild, Bruce Doering.

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