Walter Miller Interview
This is a Visual History Recording

Visual History with Walter C. Miller

Interviewed by: Don Mischer

Veteran musical and variety director Walter Miller (Primetime Emmys, Tonys, Grammys, Country Music Awards) discusses his more than 60-year career, from the beginnings of television in the 1940s, up through the 21st century.

Live Television Director Walter C. Miller candidly reveals how little he knew of Country Music before he came to direct and then executive produce the Country Music Awards for more than 40 years.

Miller discusses some of the difficulties in directing live events like The Grammys, sharing the time Luciano Pavarotti fell ill 10 minutes before his performance and how Miller asked Aretha Franklin to fill in on the spot.

Miller describes the directorial challenges in ending a live show on time and shares some of his tricks of the trade for expanding or condensing the time of particular show elements.