Robert J. Koster
This is a Visual History Recording

Visual History with Robert J. Koster

Interviewed by: Kevin Koster

UPM and Assistant Director Robert Koster shares the story of his father, Director Henry Koster in the Golden Age of Hollywood, as well as his own experiences on television and film sets from the 1960’s to the ‘90’s.

Robert Koster describes how his father, Director Henry Koster, and his producing partner, Joe Pasternak, escaped the Nazis and World War II in Europe and fled to Hollywood in 1936.

With a contract with Universal for only one picture and living with the threat of having to return to Nazi Germany, Henry Koster delivered the hugely successful Three Smart Girls, which was nominated for three Academy Awards and introduced audiences to Deanna Durbin.

Robert Koster recalls his work as the 1st AD on 1971's Jump, where he and Director Joseph Manduke prepared for several car racing scenes with three camera crews and 500 extras.