Mark Rydell Interview
This is a Visual History Recording

Visual History with Mark Rydell

Interviewed by: Jeremy Kagan

Director Mark Rydell (On Golden Pond, James Dean, The Cowboys) shares insights to his long career in entertainment; studying at the Actors Studio and directing on Broadway before moving to helm iconic television series and award-winning feature films.

Mark Rydell describes an insightful direction he gave to Katherine Hepburn in a critical scene in On Golden Pond, for which she won the Oscar for Best Actress.

Rydell recalls the work he did helping a then inexperienced Bette Midler find the core of her character during rehearsals on The Rose.

As an assistant to Elia Kazan during casting of East of Eden, Rydell learned an important lesson about being a director by observing Kazan's reaction after James Dean did not show up for a screen test.