John Erman Interview
This is a Visual History Recording

Visual History with John Erman

Interviewed by: Bob Balaban

Veteran television director John Erman (Roots, An Early Frost) recounts his early career casting for television series, and his path to directing award-winning television movies and mini-series.

Director John Erman describes how he fought network fears and censorship issues while making the first television movie concerning the AIDS crisis, 1985's An Early Frost, for which he won his second DGA Award.

Erman shares a challenge Marlon Brando presented on Roots: The Next Generation, and discusses his process in working with Actors to keep their characters grounded.

Erman explains how his insight into Ann-Margret's true character at a chance meeting inspired him to cast her in Who Will Love My Children?, for which he won an Emmy for Directing, began a career revival for Margaret, and led to a long-running and successful working relationship between the two.