The Musical's Transporting Powers

Directors Damien Chazelle, Jon M. Chu, Bill Condon, Dexter Fletcher, Adam Shankman, Barbra Streisand and Julie Taymor tackle the genre's suspension of disbelief in varying ways, making the internal external and lifting our spirits in the process

DGA Quarterly Magazine Spring 2020 DGA Interview Rob Marshall
Rob Marshall
The director behind Chicago, Into the Woods and Mary Poppins Returns, knows a thing or two about musicals, thanks to his theatrical training and an ability to inspire by example.
Empire's directors discuss how they used music to enhance the show's mix of dynastic drama and a fanciful take on the recording biz.
DGA Quarterly Magazine Spring 2020 Known Unknowns
For Alex Rudzinski, directing The Masked Singer is like working with a blindfold, but he and his team were hooked by "this beautiful riot of color and craziness."
DGA Quarterly Magazine Spring 2020 Succession
In search of authenticity, the directors behind Succession jettison the glitz by deglamorizing its rarified settings and capturing performances on the fly.
DGA Quarterly Magazine Spring 2020 Screening Room Apocalypse Now
Coppola's Heart of Darkness
Susanne Bier revels in the seduction of power and evil in Apocalypse Now.
DGA Quarterly Magazine Spring 2020 Jay Sandrich
Recent TV Hall of Fame inductee Jay Sandrich emerged as a pioneering sitcom director, and he was generous in paying his knowledge forward.
Against All Odds
Star-crossed romance has made for memorable drama over the years, proving that “happily ever after” doesn’t always apply.
DGA Quarterly Magazine Spring 2020 Shot to Remember Lords of Dogtown Catherine Hardwicke
Lords of Dogtown
In Lords of Dogtown, director Catherine Hardwicke captures the '70s skateboard culture of L.A.'s Venice with kinetic energy, gritty authenticity and a local's knowledge of the scene.
DGA Quarterly Magazine Spring 2020 Next Gen Josh and Benny Safdie
Josh and Benny Safdie
With Uncut Gems, Josh and Benny Safdie worked with a cushier budget, but their unvarnished style remained intact.
DGA Quarterly Magazine Spring 2020 Directing Sports Mike Arnold
Miracle on the Gridiron
Director Mike Arnold and his colleagues chronicled an NFL playoff comeback for the ages as the Chiefs reversed a 24-point deficit into a rout of the Texans.