DGA Quarterly Magazine Winter 2018 Primer on the Spectrum
Given that in the new millennium, consumers access TV programming in myriad ways, we present a thorough rundown of how DGA members' content is delivered to viewers.
DGA Quarterly Magazine Winter 2018 Streaming Content
Following in the footsteps of Netflix, Amazon and Hulu, networks like CBS, AMC and FX are getting into the custom streaming game, with exclusive content a primary selling point.
DGA Quarterly Magazine Winter 2018 Your Future
With Big Tech becoming increasingly invasive on our economy and private lives, we look at how antitrust battles of the past are relevant to the present, and the consequences of a monopolistic world on entertainment.
DGA Quarterly Magazine Winter 2018 Michael Apted
Michael Apted
Michael Apted's deep documentary experience informs his quest for authenticity, and as the issue of creative rights loomed after Thunderheart, that awareness sparked a decades-long involvement in DGA leadership.
Director Lily Olszewski and her team keep the country's most-watched morning telecast churning ahead of a hyperactive news cycle.
Kenneth Branagh and Patrick Doyle
Three decades of kinship have allowed director Kenneth Branagh and composer Patrick Doyle to work in cultivated harmony, dating back beyond Branagh's first feature, 1989's Henry V.
The continuity of vision that a single-director approach can bring to a series is gaining steam—but it takes incredible stamina and resolve, according to directors Cary Fukunaga, Scott Frank, Pamela Adlon, Mary Harron.
James Burrows
Director James Burrows has been the sole director on Will and Grace from the very beginning, and continues to demonstrate on the reboot his ability to orchestrate with elegant economy.
DGA Quarterly Magazine Winter 2018 Stage Managers
As stage managers Gary Natoli, Garry Hood, John Esposito and Valdez Flagg navigate a set's innumerable moving parts, the clock is ticking and the pressure is on.
DGA Quarterly Magazine Winter 2018 Screening Room The Train
Guillermo del Toro
Guillermo del Toro shares his passion for John Frankenheimer's large-scale yet intimate WWII drama, The Train (1964).
DGA Quarterly Magazine Winter 2018 Casino Royale Shot to Remember
Casino Royale
Martin Campbell's second Bond outing is action-packed, but a pivotal poker game between 007 and his arch nemesis gave the director pause.
DGA Quarterly Magazine Winter 2018 Innaritu Carne y Arena
Iñárritu's 'Lumiére Moment'
As his recent VR installation Carne y Arena demonstrates, Alejandro González Iñárritu immerses the viewer in the experience of illegal immigration from Mexico into the U.S., bringing empathy to a divisive issue.
DGA Quarterly Magazine Winter 2018 Locations Atlanta
Atlanta's Siren Song
With its wealth of experienced crews, physical looks and soundstage infrastructure, Georgia's capital is gaining stature as the production hub of the South.
DGA Quarterly Winter 2018 Gen Next Reed Morano
Reed Morano’s Hat Trick
The DGA and Emmy Award winning cinematographer-turned-director fuses the painterly with the emotional on her third feature film.
DGA Quarterly Winter 2018 Gadgets
Viewfinders for the Digital Age
The tool most commonly associated with directors has been given various makeovers in recent years, as demonstrated by the latest apps from Artemis and Cadrage.
DGA Quarterly Magazine Winter 2018 Problem Solving Only the Brave
Problem Solving
Directors Joseph Kosinski and Hany Abu-Assad discuss working in extreme environments, and harnessing that authenticity, in the films Only the Brave and The Mountain Between Us.
Survival of the Fittest
The life-or-death struggle has been an integral part of drama since filmdom's origin, but when the bulk of the story involves simply staying alive, the stakes couldn't be higher.
DGA Quarterly Winter 2018 MLB Pitch Perfect
Pitch Perfect
The recent World Series showdown between the Houston Astros and the L.A. Dodgers had more than the requisite drama, and director Matt Gangl made sure it was captured from every angle.
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