DGA Quarterly Magazine Summer 2017


In this Age of Anxiety, directors Alec Berg, Mark Cendrowski, Jonathan Krisel, Steve Levitan, Beth McCarthy-Miller, Melina Matsoukas and Ken Whittingham talk about the current state of TV comedy, which ranges from blatantly slapstick to uncomfortably anxious.

DGAQ Magazine Summer 2017 Michelle MacLaren
Michelle MacLaren
Unwilling to back down from a challenge, Michelle MacLaren leaves no "rock left unturned" when it comes to achieving her vision on such shows as Breaking Bad and Game of Thrones.
DGAQ Magazine Summer 2017 Handmaids Tale
Event series directors Reed Morano, Ron Howard, Ryan Murphy, Gus Van Sant, and Jean-Marc Vallée discuss their creative visions.
DGAQ Magazine Summer 2017 WWII Dunkirk Christopher Nolan
Christopher Nolan mixes formalism and spontaneity to create a 'you are there' experience with Dunkirk.
DGAQ Magazine Summer 2017 11 Questions Paris Barclay
Director Paris Barclay talks about the industry, his leadership role and how the Guild has progressed during his presidency.
DGAQ Magazine Summer 2017 Waterworks This is Us
For This is Us, directors Glenn Ficarra and John Requa aim for emotional catharsis while reining in the 'schmaltz'.
DGAQ Magazine Summer 2017 Collaborators Jeff Nichols Adam Stone
Jeff Nichols and Adam Stone
Director Jeff Nichols and cinematographer Adam Stone eschew conspicuous camera movement for stately objectivity.
DGAQ Magazine Summer 2017 1st ADs
1st ADs Michele "Shelley" Ziegler, Joseph Reidy, Tommy Gormley and Bob Wagner do their best to allow their directors minimum distraction and maximum creativity.
DGAQ Magazine Summer 2017 Jerry Schatzberg Scarecrow
Through their work with actors, directors Ulu Grosbard, Jerry Schatzberg and Michael Ritchie raised the bar on realism during Hollywood's '70s renaissance.
Demonstrably Demme
In the wake of Jonathan Demme's passing in April, we take a visual tour through his bracingly eclectic film canon.
DGAQ Magazine Summer 2017 Shot to Remember The West Wing
The West Wing
Thomas Schlamme guides us through the culminating moments of the finale of The West Wing's second season, often described as one of the greatest moments in television history.
DGAQ Magazine Summer 2017 Locations Chicago
Chicago's Burgeoning Production Scene
A 30% tax incentive, top-notch soundstages and crews, and eye-catching locations make the windy city an attractive alternative.
DGAQ Magazine Summer 2017 The Duffer Brothers
The Duffer Brothers
As the Duffers prove, everything old is new again.
DGAQ Magazine Summer 2017 gadgets
Vision Quest
Cutting-edge tools benefit workflow ease, visual playback and image-capture range.
DGAQ Magazine Summer 2017 Fast and Furious
Need for Speed
Edgar Wright directs an action-movie musical fueled by his love of heist movies and crime thrillers.
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