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Piloting TV’s Future

In the cover story of our newly redesigned DGA Quarterly, Directors Ava DuVernay, Hiro Murai, Steven Zaillian, Christine Gernon, Peter O'Fallon and Marcos Siega sound off on forging a series template for some of the most buzzed-about shows in the Platinum Age of Television, and why sometimes rules are meant for breaking.

Alexander Payne
Alexander Payne
For Alexander Payne, reality is the spice of life, with films populated with ordinary people caught up in extraordinary circumstances, and a mordant humor that's grounded in the flaws and foibles of protagonists whose lives are spiraling out of control.
DGAQ Indie Voice Kelly Reichardt
Kelly Reichardt
For Kelly Reichardt, her cross-country roadtrips inform her creative process.
DGAQ Biopics Mira Nair
In magnifying their subjects, filmmakers also hold up a mirror to society.
Bold Strokes
Directors bring comic book heroes to vivid life for television.
DGAQ Collaborators
Director Denis Villeneuve and composer Jóhann Jóhannsson discuss their modus operandi as they team up on their fourth film, Blade Runner 2049.
DGA Director Garth Davis
Garth Davis
Director Garth Davis opts for emotional immediacy.
DGAQ Ang Lee
Ang Lee
Tech talk with Director Ang Lee.
DGAQ Documentary Now
Documentary Now!
It’s a thin line between reverence and parody for the directors of Documentary Now!
DGAQ Fresh Off The Boat
Fresh Off the Boat directors relate to their characters' need to belong.
DGAQ Red Camera
We’re talking bleeding-edge cameras—particularly two new models from Red and Lytro—that could promise to help directors take image capture to the next level.
DGAQ Screening Room The Last Picture Show
Tom Ford
Director Tom Ford (Nocturnal Animals) muses about Peter Bogdanovich’s astute choices on the timeless The Last Picture Show and why the film continues to resonate for him personally.
Saturday Night Fever John Badham John Travolta
Game of Thrones
Miguel Sapochnik's "Battle of the Bastards" episode of Game of Thrones rivals epic big-screen confrontations, as the director gives us the blow-by-blow on the choices and inspirations behind his battle royal.
Photo Essay
50 years ago, the New Hollywood was redefining the medium and echoing the tumult of the times.
DGAQ Directing the Olympics
Joe Martin
Joe Martin, the maestro behind NBC’s Olympics swimming coverage at Rio, addresses how his team captured lightning in a bottle in the rivalry between Lilly King and Yulia Efimova.