DGA Quarterly Magazine

DGA Timeline: 80 Years Strong

A Look Back at the Guild's Accomplishments

For the anniversary of the DGA, we present a timeline covering many of the high points and accomplishments of 80 years of Guild history. It’s the events and people that make the Guild what it is today.

DGA Quarterly Magazine Stevens
Stevens Family
The story of the Stevens clan—from George to George Jr. to Michael—spans the 80-year history of the Directors Guild. It is not only a legacy of indelible films, but one of respect for service and responsibility.
DGA Quarterly Magazine Ten Questions Jay D. Roth
Jay D. Roth
In his 20 years as national executive director, Jay D. Roth has helped navigate the challenges of a rapidly changing industry. As the DGA celebrates its 80th anniversary, he ruminates on the past and future of the Guild.
Saturday Night Fever John Badham John Travolta
80th Anniversary Edition
Directors have been describing iconic scenes from their films for years in these pages. In excerpts from those stories, they explain how they created some of cinema’s most famous moments.
DGA Quarterly Magazine Screening Room Nashville
Paris Barclay
Robert Altman’s Nashville, a brilliantly orchestrated tapestry of national malaise, never gets old. That’s why DGA President Paris Barclay has returned to it over and over again—for inspiration and a guide to great directing.
DGA Quarterly Winter 2016 Independent Voice
80th Anniversary Edition
No two indie directors see things in the same way, but they all have a vision. Excerpts from 10 years of stories capture their passion.
DGA Quarterly Magazine Classics Women Directors
In the 1970s a handful of female directors got a shot at making features. It didn’t change things, but it was a start. Film critic and historian Carrie Rickey looks at their accomplishments—and legacy.
Photo Essay
Guild Lifetime Achievement Awards celebrate the remarkable careers of feature, television, news, and sports directors. Here are some of them creating their unique body of work.