DGAQ Interview Director Taylor Hackford

The Director's Chair

Taylor Hackford’s great enthusiasm for music, dance, and life comes through in such far-ranging films as An Officer and a Gentleman, Hail! Hail! Rock ’n’ Roll, and Ray. And while practicing his craft, he has energetically served the Guild for 30 years--including two terms as president.

DGA Quarterly Mini-Series Lisa Cholodenko
Not only does having a single director on a miniseries assure a unified vision, it can help the logistics of a complicated production. We asked five solo directors to describe their experience doing it all.
Euzhan Palcy
With A Dry White Season in 1989, Euzhan Palcy became the first black woman to direct a Hollywood studio film. She has been fighting the system ever since, and leading the way for a new generation of black female directors.
DGAQ Fall 2015 Ten Questions Ed Sarandos
Ted Sarandos
After changing the way people watch television, Netflix is moving into features in a big way. Chief Content Officer Ted Sarandos talks about the future of the company—and the industry.
DGAQ Close Up Zetna Fuentes
Zetna Fuentes hadn’t exactly planned on becoming a director. She just followed her heart from daytime soaps to primetime dramas—with an assist from the Guild.
DGAQ Screening Room The Crowd
Paul Weitz
King Vidor’s humanity and feeling for ordinary people come alive in his silent masterpiece, The Crowd. Paul Weitz reflects on what makes the film by the DGA’s first president a classic.
DGAQ Fall 2015 Independent Voice Anna Boden Ryan Fleck
Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck
Co-directors Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck started working together when they were still in film school. With their latest picture, Mississippi Grind, they continue their pursuit of regional stories.
Saturday Night Fever John Badham John Travolta
Six Feet Under
For the daring finale of Six Feet Under, director Alan Ball killed off the beloved characters he’d spent five years creating. He explains why it was the perfect ending—and how he pulled it off.
DGA Quarterly Fall 2015 Classics Howard Hawks
In an excerpt from his latest book, Richard Schickel takes an intimate look at Howard Hawks—and what may be "the best filmography in the history of American cinema."
DGAQ Fall 2015 Funny Business John Lee
John Lee
The director of Pee-wee’s Big Holiday offers a step-by-step guide on how to win over actors and influence producers on the set. It’s easy, really.
Directing Costume Dramas
Directors have long collaborated with designers to transport actors into the past in glorious costume dramas. Beneath the wardrobe, there is always a story to tell.