DGA Quarterly Danny Boyle

The Many Sides of Danny Boyle

From the drug hallucinations of Trainspotting to the teeming streets of Mumbai in Slumdog Millionaire and the solitary mountain ordeal of 127 Hours, Danny Boyle has brought humanity and a unique visual flair to unexpected places. Who knows what he’ll find inside the head of Steve Jobs in his upcoming bio of the Apple co-founder?

DGA Quarterly Pamela Fryman Pilot Directors
With the landscape of pilots evolving—from traditional to backdoor to the Internet—directors are dealing with new business and creative decisions. Here’s how a group of versatile pilot directors solved their problems.
DGA Quarterly Jimmy Kimmel Directors Team
Sandra Restrepo Considine has worked on live concerts, comedy acts, and variety specials. Now as director of Jimmy Kimmel Live!, she and her team have it all under one roof—every day.
DGA Quarterly Angelina Jolie Feature
Actor, activist, and international celebrity, Angelina Jolie Pitt was surprised how much she’s loved being behind the camera for three serious-minded films—and counting.
Saturday Night Fever John Badham John Travolta
For the opening of Austin Powers in Goldmember, the third film in the franchise, director Jay Roach had fun playing with audience expectations and created an actual action scene—starring Tom Cruise—until the real Austin silliness takes over.
DGA Quarterly Rosemary Rodriguez
Director Rosemary Rodriguez has excelled in directing all sorts of dramatic television, but where she really feels at home is on the set of her own films.
DGA Quarterly The Industry Christopher Nolan
The director rallied Hollywood to preserve the option to shoot on film. And it’s not just about the art—it makes good business sense.
DGA Quarterly Independent Voice Alfonso Gomez Rejon
The director’s unlikely journey from a Texas border town to NYU film school, to working as an assistant to Nora Ephron and Martin Scorsese, pays off with Me and Earl and the Dying Girl.
DGAQ Classics Orson Welles
He spent much of his career trying to salvage troubled productions. But in his centennial year, Welles’ glorious experiments are still thrilling to anyone who cares about directing.
DGA Quarterly Screening Room Five Easy Pieces Jack Nicholson
When Lisa Cholodenko first saw Bob Rafelson’s masterpiece in film school, it was a class in psychological realism. The lesson of openness between director and actor informs her work today.
DGA Quarterly BET Debra L. Lee
Debra L. Lee, chairman and CEO of BET Networks, says with audiences for television becoming more diverse, so should directors—and the talent is already out there.
It’s the season for big movies and big hits—and the occasional sleeper. Here are directors living large in a selection of shots from some good old summertime films.