Homeland's Michael Cuesta
With handheld cameras and a subjective style that gets under your skin, Michael Cuesta has turned Homeland’s cat and mouse game into a suspense-filled ride. Voyeurism never looked so good.
The Colbert Report's
Jim Hoskinson
Even in an election year, with more details, graphics and odd characters to worry about, The Colbert Report's director Jim Hoskinson never misses a beat.
Politics in Film and Television
Directors have long been fascinated by the workings of Washington. Here are some of them telling America's story in a collection of behind the scenes shots.
Directing Political Conventions
CBS News director Eric Shapiro has been covering big political events for 40 years, none bigger than this years national conventions.
All The President's Men
Alan J. Pakula talks about directing All the Presidents Men, adapted from a 1976 story in the DGA's Action magazine.
Rod Lurie
The director of The Contender and Commander in Chief has directed six presidents in all. Here’s what he’s learned on the campaign trail.
Jay Roach
Jay Roach looks at how Elia Kazan’s A Face in the Crowd foreshadowed today’s political culture—and influenced his own films.
Armando Iannucci
With the satirical feature In the Loop and HBO series Veep, British director Armando Iannucci proves you don’t have to be American to understand inept politicians and unctuous underlings.
Political Films
American movies have been portraying politicians on screen since the populist heroes of John Ford and Frank Capra. But it wasn’t until the advent of TV that filmmakers learned to capture the drama of the game.
Born on the Fourth of July
Born on the Fourth of July
Oliver Stone explains how he staged a demonstration at the 1972 Republican National Convention in Born on the Fourth of July.
Jorn Winther
Jorn Winther directed the original Frost/Nixon interviews and captured the fallen president’s confession for the record. Even he was surprised by what happened.
Jessica Yu
Jessica Yu didn’t go to film school and started out making eclectic documentaries. Though she has moved into TV and features, she still tries to keep it personal.
John Frankenheimer
In his six decade career, John Frankenheimer was fascinated with the machinations of politics and approached it from all angles—and it never looked the same.
DGAQ Interview Thomas Schlamme
Thomas Schlamme
Not only did director-producer Thomas Schlamme create the signature "walk and talk" style on The West Wing, he has also been a powerful advocate for the rights of episodic directors.
48 Frames Per Second
With The Hobbit trilogy Peter Jackson will introduce audiences to a 3-D film shot at 48 FPS. Depending on the response, it could open a whole new dimension for directors.
DGA Quarterly
Fall 2012