DGA Quarterly Summer 2012 New Media
New Media
Jon Avnet and Rodrigo Garcia's new Internet Channel WIGS is creating Web content for the female audience.
DGA Quarterly Summer 2012 Norberto Barba
Grimm Director Norberto Barba
Battling "wesen" and solving mysteries in the wilds of Portland, may not be for everyone. But in Grimm, director/producer Norberto Barba makes it look easy.
DGA Quarterly Summer 2012 Breaking Bad
Breaking Bad
With a distinctive visual style and lots of locations, Breaking Bad is a challenging show for directors. Fortunately, a great team is in place to help them.
DGA Quarterly Summer 2012 10 Questions Tom Bernad Michael Barker
Tom Bernard & Michael Barker
Co-presidents Tom Bernard & Michael Barker have steered Sony Pictures Classics through the choppy waters of indie film for 21 years with a combination of business savvy and a respect for directorial vision.
mel brooks
Mel Brooks
Mel Brooks spills the beans about directing some of the most outrageous and hilarious comedies ever made. He's not joking (well, just a little).
DGA Quarterly Summer 2011 Funny Business Mark Waters
Mark Waters
The director of Mean Girls and Mr. Popper’s Penguins explains how playing sports prepared him for the toughest game of all—directing comedy.
DGA Quarterly Summer 2012 Citizen Kane
William Friedkin
William Friedkin first saw Citizen Kane more than 50 years ago and has never looked at films the same way again. He explains how Orson Welles used the tools of the trade to create a masterpiece.
DGA Quarterly 2012 Shot to Remember Midnight Express
Midnight Express
Alan Parker recalls directing one of the most famous and violent scenes in the Turkish prison drama Midnight Express.
Sam Peckinpah
With the orneriness of a cowboy, Sam Peckinpah chronicled the dying days of the Old West in films like The Wild Bunch and Ride the High Country. His take on values and violence is still influencing directors today.
DGA Quarterly Summer 2012 Olympics
Directing the Olympics
The coverage of the Olympic Games will feature more hours on more platforms than ever before. Here's how Bucky Gunts and other top sports directors in the world capture the action.
Director Patricia Riggen
Patricia Riggen
Patricia Riggen may be the only Mexican-born woman directing feature films in Hollywood.
DGA Quarterly Summer 2012 Director Agnieska Holland
Agnieszka Holland
Warsaw-born Agnieszka Holland has been directing politically and culturally charged features for more than 40 years-and more recently, American TV.
DGA Quarterly Summer 2012 Independent Voice Nicolas Winding Refn
Nicolas Winding Refn
With violent films such as Bronson and Drive, Nicolas Winding Refn says he’s making movies that arouse him.
Space Travel and Aliens
Starting with the silent era to modern CGI, space travel and aliens have always been a new frontier for directors to explore. As these behind-the-scenes shots show, the only limitation is the filmmaker’s imagination.
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