Matt Loeb
IATSE president Matt Loeb looks at the challenges facing the industry and the people employed in it.
DGA Quarterly Winter 2012 Shot to Remember Rocky
In Rocky, John Avildsen's guerilla filmmaking on the streets of Philadelphia for perhaps the most famous training sequence ever might not have been possible without a great new invention-- the Steadicam.
Game Shows
Produced by the same company, Jeopardy! and Wheel of Fortune are two of the longest-running hits on TV. The challenge for its directors—Kevin McCarthy and Mark Corwin—is keeping it fresh and entertaining.
DGA Quarterly Winter 2012 Funny Business David Frankel
David Frankel
The director of The Devil Wears Prada reflects on the valuable advice he got from cast and crew while making the film—whether he wanted it or not.
Superbowl Eminem
Superbowl Commercials
Since 1984, commercials have been as much a part of the Super Bowl as the football game itself—and sometimes better. But few of the millions of viewers realize that behind all the great ads are directors doing their most creative work.
Winter Quarterly
Directing House
Greg Yaitanes has directed 30 episodes of House, M.D., more than anyone else. Along the way he has streamlined shooting and coming up with creative solutions to production problems--right up until what might be his last show.
New York City Filming Locations
Since the early days of filmmaking, New York has been the world’s biggest back lot. Here’s how some directors used the city to help them tell their story.
DGAQ Winter 2012 Michael Mann
Michael Mann
Thieves, assassins, mad men, whistle-blowers, and gamblers have all populated the extreme adventures of Michael Mann's films. For more than 30 years, with style and precision, he has examined the richness of human experience.

Ingmar Bergman
In a 1960 magazine article, Ingmar Bergman wrote how a film begins for him—with a chance remark, a few bars of music, a shaft of light across the street. His respect for the magic of movies remains an inspiration for directors today.
DGA Quarterly Winter 2012 DVD Classics Leo McCarey
Leo McCarey
With an improvisational style fashioned from silent films, Leo McCarey coaxed great performances from some of Hollywood's biggest stars. Yet his role as a master of American film comedy is often forgotten.
Raging Bull
Julian Schnabel
Long captivated by Raging Bull, Julian Schnabel considers how Martin Scorsese
was able to make something so savage so beautiful.
DGA Quarterly
Winter 2012