DGA Quarterly Fall 2011 Interviews
Excerpts from DGA Interviews
For the last six years, the Quarterly has interviewed some of the most prominent directors in the business. Here are excerpts from each of them.
DGA Qaurterly Fall 2011 Indie Film
Independent Filmmakers
Independent directors have helped create an industry and a staggering range of films over the last 30 years.
DGA Quarterly Fall 2011
Beth McCarthy Miller
Shooting a live episode of the comedy series sounded like a good idea on paper.
DGA Quarterly Fall 2011
Guild Diversity Committees
Over the past 30 years, Guild diversity committees have advanced the cause of women and minority members.
DGA Qaurterly Fall 2011 Past Presidents
Guild Past Presidents
In the last two decades, Guild presidents have continued the fight for economic and creative rights.
DGA Quarterly Fall 2011
Feature Directors Panel
The feature directors panel on the morning of the annual awards has become one of the Guild's most popular events.
DGA Qaurterly Fall 2011 Internet Piracy
Internet Theft
Based on his recent book, Free Ride, author Robert Levine explains why it may soon become easier for consumers to buy content on the Internet than steal it.
DGA Qaurterly Fall 2011 Television Morning News
Morning News
Morning news shows are increasingly a challenge for the director's team.
DGA Quarterly Fall 2011
Saving Private Ryan
Steven Spielberg explains how he staged the massive D-Day invasion in Saving Private Ryan—and without storyboards.
DGA Quarterly Fall 2011
Directing Football
As the Thanksgiving holiday approaches, families will gather for food and — in many cases — a little televised football. From the first primitive broadcast in 1939 to the Super Bowl and Skycams, directors have helped invent football on TV. Please enjoy this story from the DGA Quarterly archives about how they bring the action to viewers at home.
DGA Qaurterly Fall 2011 Reality TV
Reality TV Directors
Directors bring a unique set of skills to reality TV in an attempt to capture the magic of the moment.
DGA Quarterly Fall 2011
Directing Seinfeld
Two directors--Tom Cherones and Andy Ackerman--helped make Seinfeld one of the most influential shows of time.
Award Winning TV Directors
DGA Award winners in comedy and drama showcasing how the range and quality of television has expanded in the last 20 years.
DGA Quarterly
Fall 2011