DGA Quarterly 2011 An Appreciation George Sidney
An Appreciation
The Guild's youngest president was also a master craftsman and an unforgettable character, as a budding filmmaker recalls.
DGA Quarterly 2011 10 Questions Fred Silverman
Fred Silverman
Former head of ABC and longtime TV executive Fred Silverman reflects on the medium’s coming of age.
DGA Quarterly Spring 2011 Todd Haynes
Todd Haynes
In his idiosyncratic career, Todd Haynes has followed his muse rather than the money.
DGA Quarterly 2011 Funny Business Bethany Rooney
Bethany Rooney
Inspired by The Beatles, a young director tries to be positive. And it works!
DGA Quarterly Spring 2011 Merger
The RTDG-SDG Merger
The merger of East and West Coast directors in 1960 led to many of the benefits members enjoy today.
DGA Quarterly Spring 2011 Loyalty Oath
The Effect of the Blacklist
Amidst the rumblings of the blacklist, the Guild's membership met on Oct. 22, 1950 and battled over whether to recall its president. It turned out to be a crucial moment in Guild history.
DGA Quarterly Spring 2011 Creative Rights
The Bill of Creative Rights
When Elliot Silverstein challenged the editing of a TV show, the DGA fought and won the battle for creative rights.
Advent of TV final hero
Advent of TV
As television arrived in the late ’40s and ’50s, the job of directing TV was defined. For young directors, it was the time of their lives.
DGA Quarterly Spring 2011 Film Noir
Film Noir
Film noir thrived in the dark of postwar America. But from the first flashing neon to the last crazy camera angle it was a director’s medium.
DGA Quarterly Spring 2011 Screening Room Dr. Strangelove
Lawrence Kasdan
Lawrence Kasdan considers how Stanley Kubrick pulled off a daring mixture of tones in Dr. Strangelove.
Filmmakers from 1945-1965
Some of the most prominent directors from 1945-1965, seen in rare on-set shots, deal with new challenges on the job.
DGA Quarterly Spring 2011 Micky Moore
From Silents to Spielberg
If there were an Ironman award for production professionals, Moore would have won hands down. His career began in 1916 as a child actor.
DGA Quarterly 2011 Legends Abby Singer
Big Shot
Anyone who has ever been on a set has heard his name. Besides his work as an AD and UPM and his contributions to the Guild, Abby Singer is best known for the shot he invented.
DGA Quarterly Spring 2011 First Awards
Honoring Our Own
In 1949, the Guild launched its annual awards. Then as now, the idea was for directors to honor their own.
DGA Quarterly Spring 2011 John Rich
John Rich
John Rich is a legendary figure in TV comedy, but equally important are his contributions to the Guild in 50 years of tireless service.

DGA Quarterly 2011 Shot to Remember In the Heat of the Night
In the Heat of the Night
Norman Jewison explains how he captured the tension of the civil rights era in one explosive scene in In the Heat of the Night.
DGA Quarterly Spring 2011 Internet Theft
Internet Theft
Internet theft has clearly had a serious economic impact on mid-budget and large studio movies, but it’s independent films that may be damaged the most.
DGA Quarterly
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