Anne Sweeney
Anne Sweeney, co-chair of Disney Media Networks and president of Disney-ABC Television Group, says we live in challenging times. That's why she's excited to come to work every day.
Ang Lee
Born in Taiwan, schooled at NYU, and trained in the trenches, Ang Lee broke new cultural ground with universal stories like Brokeback Mountain and Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. But the one thing he won’t do is repeat himself.
Directing Sinatra
Working with temperamental, high-profile stars is never easy for a director, but Frank Sinatra took it to a new level. The war stories are legendary. Here are some of the best.
Nicholas Stoller
The director of Forgetting Sarah Marshall says alternate takes are not just for the indecisive. To prove his point, he looked back and dug up some you may not have known about.
Lisa Cholodenko
After success with High Art and Laurel Canyon, Lisa Cholodenko deliberated on what to do next. With The Kids Are All Right, she set out to do a personal film that can still be commercial.
Deep Packet Inspection
With Internet theft and online crime on the rise, deep packet inspection is one effective tool to protect rights and intellectual property. Without it, the Internet as we know it could crash.
David Yates
Harry Potter may have the magic, but for the last six years David Yates has been calling the shots at Hogwarts. While simultaneously filming the last two adventures, the director pauses to look at the Potter process.
Pamela Fryman
With its single-camera sensibility on a multi-camera show, How I Met Your Mother has tons of moving parts. Director Pamela Fryman relies on her talented team to help her put all the pieces together.
Robert Aldrich
Robert Aldrich left a family fortune for a rough and tumble career in Hollywood. He became an industry leader, president of the Guild, and made some very good movies--and one masterpiece.
Spike Jonze
Carroll Ballard's The Black Stallion is a legendary piece of visual filmmaking. Spike Jonze studied it for Where the Wild Things Are, and explains how Ballard effortlessly tells a rousing story with few words.
Fatal Attraction
The mayhem at the end of Fatal Attraction was one of the most startling and talked-about climaxes of its day. Adrian Lyne explains how he built the scene’s suspense, step by fateful step.
From PC to TV
More and more new devices are speeding the movement of content from your computer to your TV set. Has the wave of the future finally arrived?
Marketing Movies
After working on a film for years, the last hurdle for directors is selling it to an audience. But sometimes that’s a process they have to fight to be a part of.
DGA Quarterly
Spring 2010