AD's and Child Actors
Child actors working on TV comedies just want to have fun. It's the 1st and 2nd ADs who make sure they get the job done.
DGA Quarterly Summer 2009 Shot to Remember
Fast Times at Ridgemont High
Amy Heckerling recalls how she got the most out of her young cast, including Sean Penn as the legendary stoner Jeff Spicoli, in Fast Times at Ridgemont High.
John Waters
John Waters rhapsodizes about The Girl Can't Help It, and is not shy (surprise) talking about what he "stole" from it.
Tyler Perry
By not listening to traditional industry wisdom about how things should be done, Tyler Perry has invented his own brand of comedy-as well as his own brand.
Blake Edwards
Inspired by the silent clowns, Blake Edwards created The Pink Panther franchise and some of the craftiest comedies to come out of Hollywood. But sight gags, mistaken identities and flying pies were not his only tricks.
Working on Comedies
Over the years, it's the director's vision that has made many kinds of comedy come to life. In rare set shots, we capture filmmakers working on some of the most amusing movies ever made.
Jay Roach
After directing three Austin Powers films and two Meet the Parents pictures, Jay Roach still doesn’t think of himself as a funny guy. But he sure knows how to make people laugh.
Kevin Smith
Kevin Smith, who pioneered gleefully vulgar comedies with films like Clerks and Chasing Amy, reflects on how he learned his craft.
Steven Soderbergh
Even on some premium HD cable networks, films are being mutilated. And the Guild's national vice president is mad as hell about it.
Larry Charles
Directing Bob Dylan on Masked and Anonymous presented a unique wardrobe problem.
Collaborating on Comedy
Judd Apatow and a group of like-minded directors have created a run of raunchy films that have turned R-rated comedies into big business.
Sitcom Roundtable
The Quarterly brings together six of the most accomplished sitcom directors to discuss the creative and commercial side of making funny shows.
Directing The Late Show
After years of working on the Late Show, Jerry Foley and his team instinctively understand David Letterman's quirky humor. And it's a good thing they do.
DGA Quarterly
Summer 2009