DGA Quarterly Spring 2007 Legends of the Guild Jack Shea
Legends of the Guild
We continue our 70th anniversary celebration with the president who led the DGA into the 21st century.
DGA Quarterly Spring 2007 Industry
The Cannes Film Festival
The Cannes Film Festival, celebrating its 60th anniversary, has long been friendly turf for American directors.
DGA Quarterly Spring 2007 Independent Voice
Robert Pulcini & Shari Springer Berman
After American Splendor, Robert Pulcini and Shari Springer Berman take a different kind of risk with The Nanny Diaries.
DGA Quarterly Spring 2007 In My Opinion David Mamet
David Mamet
In an excerpt from his latest book, the director-writer dishes test screenings.
DGA Quarterly Spring 2007 Funny Business Jay Roach
Jay Roach
The director of Meet the Fockers and Austin Powers looks for his "Inner Eastwood."
DGA Quarterly Spring 2007 Save the Day
Film Preservation in the Digital Age
Film preservation used to be for old films. Not anymore. In the digital age, directors need to take responsibility for saving their own work.
DGA Quarterly Spring 2007 Back to School Kenny Ortega
Kenny Ortega
When he directed High School Musical, Kenny Ortega had no idea it was going to turn into a preteen phenomenon. Working on the sequel, he tried to capture the same energy.
DGA Quarterly Spring 2007 Guillermo del Toro
Guillermo del Toro
Guillermo del Toro loves to assemble the pieces of a film to see how they fit. For Pan's Labyrinth, he created a child's magical world side-by-side with the horrors of war.
DGA Quarterly Spring 2007 Francis Ford Coppola
Francis Ford Coppola
After a 10-year absence from directing, Francis Ford Coppola is back with Youth Without Youth, a return to the personal filmmaking of his younger days.
DGA Quarterly Spring 2007 Early Birds
Morning News Shows Directors
Directing a network morning news show is not for the faint of heart. For one thing, you have to get up in the middle of the night.
DGA Quarterly Spring 2007 Shooting the Sapranos
The Sopranos
As David Chase's 80-hour tale of crime and punishment comes to its grand finale, we look at the contribution of its unsung heroes-the directors.
DGA Quarterly Spring 2007 10 Questions Ted Sardanos
Ted Sarandos
Netflix's Ted Sarandos talks about how the online rental company has changed the video business...and what's next.
DGA Quarterly Spring 2007 Shot to Remember Dream Girls
Bill Condon explains how he kept the plot moving and the music jumping in one of the big production numbers from Dreamgirls.
DGA Quarterly Spring 2007 Screening Room Notorious
Stephen Frears
Stephen Frears takes a close look at Hitchcock's use of close-ups in Notorious. Repression never looked so good.
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Spring 2007