DGA Quarterly Spring 2006 10 Questions Gilmore
Geoff Gilmore
As director of the Sundance Film Festival for sixteen years, Geoff Gilmore has helped change the face of independent film. He surveys the current scene with Quarterly editor James Greenberg.
DGA Quarterly Spring 2006 Bookes Lopate
Philip Lopate
Even the most critic-averse director will find something to savor in this comprehensive anthology of intelligent, thoughtful writing on film.
DGA Quarterly Spring 2006 Clint Eastwood
Clint Eastwood
At an age when most people are thinking about retirement, Clint Eastwood just keeps getting better. In his usual no-nonsense style, he talks about what he's accomplished-and what keeps him going.
DGA Quarterly Spring 2006 Documentaries
Documentaries and DV
These are not your father's documentaries. Digital technology has revolutionized the form and content of non-fiction films. But does that make them better?
DGA Quarterly Spring 2006 Citizen Cane
Cast & Crew
In 1969, the cast and crew of Citizen Kane were interviewed for the DGA's Action magazine about their experience working with the iconoclastic Orson Welles on his masterpiece.
DGA Quarterly Spring 2006 Bob Goldthwait
Bob Goldthwait
Bob Goldthwait explains why his film Stay isn't as outrageous as you might think.
Michael Gondry
Michel Gondry
Michel Gondry makes his cinematic dream life come true.
Robert Wise
Robert Wise was the consummate professional. His body of work ranged from musicals - West Side Story - to film noir - The Set-Up - and everything in between. Here's a look at the director at work.
DGA Quarterly Spring 2006 Screening Room Jaws
John Singleton
John Singelton watches Spielberg's classic E-ride and analyzes what makes it so scary-and profound.
DGA Quarterly Spring 2006 Shot to Remember
King Kong
Peter Jackson tells how he got King Kong up the Empire State Building.
DGA Quarterly Spring 2006 Olympics
Directing the Olympics
Directors past and present talk about the experience of working the Olympic Games and how they captured the action.
DGA Quarterly Spring 2006 UPMs
UPMs on Episodics
It's not just about balancing books. UPMs on one-hour episodic television have to be nimble balancing a multitude of duties. And the job's not getting easier.
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