DGA Quarterly Magazine Fall 2005 10 Questions Jerry Bruckheimer
Jerry Bruckheimer
One of the busiest producers in town talks about finding new talent, the rise of TV and why he won't direct.
DGA Quarterly Magazine Fall 2005 Screening Room Arteta
Miguel Arteta
Director Miguel Arteta takes a look-a close look-at Martin Scorsese's The King of Comedy to find out what makes it tick.
DGA Quarterly Magazine Fall 2005 Kazan
Elia Kazan
Director Elia Kazan had the script of his life but couldn't find the money to make it. And, Brando wasn't interested. In this excerpt from Kazan: A Biography, the director puts the pieces together to create an American classic.
DGA Quarterly Magazine Fall 2005 Piracy
The Perils of Piracy
A movie can be for sale on the streets of Beijing the same day it opens in New York. Taylor Hackford learned all about the perils of piracy with his film Ray. Here's how it happened.
Stanley Kubrick
Stanley Kubrick stamped his films with a unique visual style. A selection of photos from the new book, The Stanley Kubrick Archives, shows what the view looked like from the director's chair.
DGA Quarterly Magazine Fall 2005 Directors Voice Holofcener
Nicole Holofcener
Since her debut feature, Walking and Talking, Nicole Holofcener has been balancing between funny and sad. With Friends with Money she continues the journey.
DGA Quarterly Magazine Fall 2005 Funny Business Weide
Bob Weide
From the very start, director/executive producer Bob Weide has helped orchestrate the madness and mayhem of Curb Your Enthusiasm. His advice: Don't try this at home.
DGA Quarterly Magazine Fall 2005 Summer Blockbusters
ADs on Blockbusters
Anyone who has been on a movie set knows how crucial the 1st AD is to the filmmaking process, especially on giant summer blockbusters. Five ADs tell it like it is.
DGA Quarterly Magazine Fall 2005 Interview Robert Altman
Robert Altman
At age 80, Robert Altman remains the iconoclast of American film. After directing more than 40 movies, he’s still worried about the next one.
DGA Quarterly Magazine Fall 2005 Shot to Remember
Master and Commander
In Master and Commander, the director captures the intensity and beauty of fighting ships with a combination of modern technology and old-fashioned storytelling.
DGA Quarterly Magazine Fall 2005 TV Movies
Four Decades of Directorial Excellence
Some of the most memorable films of the last four decades haven't been in theaters-they've been on television. It's about time the directors who made them got their due.
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