The simplest definition of an independent movie is one made outside the studio system. Yet, Michael Apted has just been on one such film where he felt less independent than on any studio project he's ever done.
No subject is too big, small or taboo for a documentary film. All types have made their way into movie theaters and audiences' hearts and minds--being distributed and seen, and they're building an audience.
Movies trade in primal emotions, and fear is right at the top of the list. While critics downplay horror films as guilty pleasures, their popularity is so enduring they literally reach back to the dawn of cinema.
A diverse group of Guild members shared their thoughts on: "What do you know now about making an independent film that you wish you knew then?"
In New York, the DGA is actively seeking to erase the enormous myth of the Big Apple being rotten for filmmakers. That's just not so, say veteran feature and television directors who regularly shoot here.
Distribution of one's film comes up time and again as a concern for the independent filmmaker. Here is one expert's perspective on approaches to consider when thinking through different options.
Costume design is a more integral part of the filmmaking process than just the look. With costume design you're dealing with the establishment of character.
The directors of Sex and the City, in its sixth and final season, bare all.
DGA Magazine
January 2004