The Art of Directing Musicals
From classics like Cabaret to recent successes such as Chicago and Moulin Rouge, musicals are a recurring theme in American moviemaking history.
Conversations with a Director and His Team
In the March-April 1973 Action magazine, Clint Eastwood wrote about helming films in the 1970s.
Few locations can impact the look and feel of an indie film like shooting inside a prison. The process, and the product, often changes lives — filmmakers, actors, and audiences alike leave the experience transformed and affected.
Jerry London, Daniel Petrie and Gary Ross are three uncompromising filmmakers who, as someone once described, "know history is not contained in thick books but lives in our very blood."
Lately, Hollywood is throwing around the word epic. Lots of movies are coming out with the word attached. Thank Heaven there are people working to sell movies, so that we who love to make them can have better tools and bigger audiences.
The verdict is in on Judging Amy, and the show is guilty — of being a television show that treats the issue of on-time script delivery as a serious mandate.
DGA Magazine
September 2003