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Commercials - NY, Michael Mintz (212) 258-0827

Click the image above for information about the AICP’s Commercial Directors Diversity showcase. The submission deadline to be considered for the program’s inaugural January 2017 showcase is: November 28, 2016.

MOA - Commercial Agreement 2014

Click the image above to see the negotiated changes to the 2011 DGA National Commercial Agreement for the term beginning December 1, 2014.

Commercial Rates 2014-2017

Click image to download a PDF of the Commercial Rates for 2014-2017.

Celebrating Game Changing Commercial Direction

Game-changing commercial direction was the focus of the recent DGA 75th Anniversary Celebration 30 Seconds to Impact. The evening featured a discussion of the evolution of television commercials with a panel of leading commercial directors.

Directing Commercials with Lance Acord

In directing some of the most acclaimed commercials in recent years, Lance Acord goes for a casual feel that's anything but easy to achieve.

Spot On

Since 1984, commercials have been as much a part of the Super Bowl as the football game itself—and sometimes better. But few of the millions of viewers realize that behind all the great ads are directors doing their most creative work.

The Real Mad Men

Directors who helped revolutionize the advertising industry in the '60s with iconic commercials look back at their times and what they created.

Creative Leap

Thanks to CGI and new technology, anything is possible for commercial directors, who are making the most exciting 30-second films around.