Winter 2018

Special Report: Content Distribution in the Streaming Age

Illustrated by Greg Mably

Since the late 1950s, when the then-Big Three broadcast networks dominated the airwaves, the multichannel universe has evolved so dramatically, it's as if every facet of entertainment and news is available at our fingertips, whether operating a remote, a laptop or a smartphone.

Within that evolution are the various ways we now receive our programming, with streaming services helping break down the foundation of traditional television delivery as we know it.

In order to address this expanding TV universe, we at DGA Quarterly felt the need to lay it all out in a way that our Guild membership can see in clear terms how their content is reaching consumers. In this regard, Chris Morris gives a primer on the various platforms by which we receive that content in Primer on the Spectrum.


Then, Alex Weprin details the evolving streaming channel landscape, with various networks giving their consumers more and more customized options to receive premium content, in Widening the Stream.


And finally, in Who Controls Your Future, Andrew Keen considers how Big Tech is seeping into every aspect of our lives, giving rise to the dangers of a monopolistic paradigm in a society that is ever more reliant on the digital world to keep up with the times.


We sincerely hope this Special Report helps offer clarity and meaning to this brave new world.


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