Employment Eligibility Search

This search function is designed for those seeking to hire active DGA Members in good standing. If you are interested in general information about a particular member, such as contact information, credit summaries, and articles or video on the site about him or her, please search the Member Directory.

If you are an employer seeking to hire DGA members, the following search tool has been designed for you to create lists of members eligible to work in a particular geographic location on a project or check the eligibility of a particular member for a project. Suspended members will not appear in the search results. If you are searching for a particular member’s eligibility for employment and he or she does not appear and you want to confirm that status, please call our Membership Department at 310.289.5367.

To confirm that the member is eligible to work as a “local hire” for a particular project, you must also enter the City in which the project is being shot. The search will automatically determine whether the member’s local employment address is within 75 miles of the project’s location and note that in the return results.

Return results will include the following fields: Name, Categories, Production Center, Local Hire Eligibility, Qualifications Lists and Public Contact information such as email addresses and phone numbers. To get more detailed information on a specific member, such as his or her credits, please click on their name to go to the person’s name.

Other criteria you can use to narrow your search include our index listings for women and minority members. You can also search members by State or by Country, however, these lists will not include whether a member is local hire eligible, as a city is required to make that determination.

DGA Membership Department (310) 289-2083

All information must be completed before submitting a report request.

Enter your name in the "REQUESTED BY" field; under "PRODUCTION NAME" provide the project title and company; include the "EMAIL" address where contact list will be sent; and a "PHONE" for the Guild to call if there are any problems with this request.


The Guild will verify the request and email the contact list to the address provided. The DGA maintains the right to not supply member contact information for requests which cannot be verified.

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