DGA Anti-Harassment Hotlines


Dear Member:

Harassment is an unlawful form of discrimination when it is based on a legally protected characteristic – like gender, race or ethnicity, color, religion, creed, national origin, alien or citizenship status, age, disability, sexual orientation, or marital status. The DGA believes the workplace should be a respectful and inclusive environment and that every individual has the right to a safe workplace. We condemn discrimination and harassment in any form and are committed to developing solutions to help eradicate it from our industry.

With the goal of pushing the entertainment industry toward achieving safer, fairer, and more equitable workplaces, the DGA has instituted hotlines for members to report any incidents of harassment they’ve experienced in the workplace. These conversations will be kept private. Trained executive staff will take the calls, collect the pertinent information, refer the member to outside resources as necessary, and (with the permission of the member) pursue claims with the Employers when necessary.

While the DGA continues working toward industry-wide solutions, we are available to you to discuss any concerns you may have. Members can also speak to their Field Representatives who will listen and refer them to appropriate resources.

If you have been harassed in the workplace, or if you would like to have a discussion about your situation, please call DGA Assistant Executive Director Mayra Ocampo, at (310) 289-2006 or email her at mocampo@dga.org. (After business hours, please contact the DGA’s Safety Hotline at (310) 289-5326)