As part of the work on behalf of its members to promote the economic and creative rights of directors, the DGA maintains an engaged and effective presence in Washington, DC. On issues ranging from protecting copyright in the digital age, to building support for policies that increase the production of independent film and television programming in the United States, to protecting the First Amendment freedoms of the creative community, to looking at policies that affect the DGA Health and Pension Plans, the DGA is at the forefront of efforts in the public policy arena to bolster protections for film and television directors and members of the directing teams.

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Production Incentives
DGA Initiatives Production Incentives
The DGA, along with a coalition of entertainment industry partners, has worked for the past thirteen years to promote legislation at the federal, state, and local level that will help keep film and television production in the United States, including the passage of the federal Section 181 incentive (part of the American Jobs Creation Act of 2004) and production incentives in numerous states, including New York and California.
Protecting Creative Content
internet theft

Protecting the content that DGA members create from illegal downloading and streaming is one  of the Guild's legislative priorities. This Internet theft of members’ work poses both an economic and creative threat:  it threatens future work opportunities for DGA members as the available financing for films tightens when investments are not recouped, and secondly, it also creates immediate economic loss for DGA members because a significant proportion of their compensation and 74% of their pension plan is based on the residual revenues earned from the reuse of film and television productions in secondary markets. Lastly, Internet piracy devalues both the individual creativity of our members’ work, and the inestimable impact it has on American, and global, culture.

Additional Initiatives

In addition to the Guild's focus on the fight to protect DGA members’ works and in support of Production Incentives, the following are statements and press releases released by the DGA on a range of policy issues that affect the economic and creative rights of directors and their teams.

City of Lights City of Angels
The DGA has members who live and work all over the world. Many of the policy issues that affect DGA members in the United States also affect our members who reside outside the U.S. The DGA works to protect their interests and concerns by actively working with key elected officials, governmental bodies, and international organizations that represent directors around the world.
Kathy Garmezy - Associate Executive Director for Government and International Affairs
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