February 2004



THE EDITING ROOM: In the editing room cutting Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? are (from left) editor Sam O'Steen and director and this year's DGA Lifetime Achievement Award recipient, Mike Nichols. Virginia Woolf was the beginning of a long and successful collaboration between Nichols and O'Steen. They would team up on 11 other pictures: The Graduate, Catch-22, Carnal Knowledge, Day of the Dolphin, Silkwood, Heartburn, Biloxi Blues, Working Girl, Postcards From the Edge, Regarding Henry and Woolf. In addition, O'Steen was a member of the Directors Guild of America and was awarded the 1975 DGA Award for his direction of the movie for television Queen of the Stardust Ballroom. From the five television winners that year, O'Steen was also selected as the most outstanding television director. (Photo courtesy of Bob Willoughby)