James D. Brubaker

Producer: Bruce Almighty; Gia; Rambo 3; Running Mates. Co-Producer: Nutty Professor; Patty Hearst. Exec Producer: Dragonfly; Nutty Professor 2; Liar, Liar; Walk in the Clouds; Above the Rim; Problem Child; Over the Top; Cobra; Rocky 4; Life; Right Stuff. Assoc Producer: Rocky 3; Rhinestone; True Confessions. Production Mngr: K-9; Raging Bull; Uncle Joe Shannon; Stayin' Alive; New York, NY; Comes a Horseman. UPM: Nutty Professor 2; Liar, Liar; A Walk in the Clouds; Mighty Ducks 2; Mr. Baseball; Life. Current: Pres, Physical Production, Universal Pictures.
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Visual History
James D. Brubaker
Visual History Interview
Unit Production Manager James Brubaker discusses his long career, starting as a driver for Elvis Presley and John Wayne, to working as a UPM and producing big-budget Hollywood blockbusters.