Lewis Gilbert

Cast a Dark Shadow; Reach for the Sky; The Admirable Crichton; Carve Her Name with Pride; Sink the Bismarck; Light Up the Sky; The Greengage Summer; HMS Defiant; Alfie; You Only Live Twice; The Adventurers; Friends; Operation Daybreak; The Spy Who Loved Me; Moonraker; Educating Rita; Shirley Valentine; Stepping Out; Haunted; Before You Go.
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Visual History
Lewis Gilbert Interview
Visual History Interview
British Director Lewis Gilbert (Alfie, The Spy Who Loved Me) shares stories and insights of his career from starting off as a child stage performer, working his way up as an assistant director for the legendary Alfred Hitchcock, to directing his own acclaimed movies—including three James Bond films.
DGA Quarterly
Directing James Bond
For 47 years and 22 films, James Bond has escaped countless close calls thanks to the deft hand of its directors. We caught up with the eight surviving filmmakers to find out how they've kept 007 alive all these years.