Directors Guild Foundation Contributes $100,000 to MPTF to Assist Film & TV Crews

Directors Guild Foundation 2020

August 30, 2023

LOS ANGELES, CA – The Directors Guild Foundation (DGF) announced today that it has authorized the contribution of an additional $100,000 in new financial assistance to the MPTF for industry workers affected by the ongoing strikes.

“Our film crews are our work family. We need to help everyone who’s suffering,” said DGF Chairman Todd Holland regarding the new contribution to the MPTF. “The DGA Foundation supports the vital mission of the MPTF to support the crews who work alongside us with crucially important financial assistance.  The need is so great, and we are glad the Directors Guild Foundation can help meet the challenge.”

This new contribution to the MPTF will enable funding for a broad range of assistance options the MPTF currently provides for industry crew members facing financial hardship.

MPTF President/CEO, Bob Beitcher responded to the Foundation contribution, stating, “The generous support of MPTF and the community it serves by the DGA and the DGA Foundation is a true blessing to our industry.  Our appreciation is immense.”

The DGF, DGA and MPTF for decades have had a close relationship, with the Foundation and Guild providing longstanding financial support to MPTF – including millions of dollars of contributions to the general MPTF fund.

This new funding exists alongside the Foundation’s longstanding flagship interest-free loan program that offers aid to members experiencing financial hardships and emergencies. The flagship loan program has offered millions in financial assistance over the decades since first instituted.

The DGA Foundation now also offers Emergency Relief Grants to DGA members in crisis due to the work stoppage.  These are administered by the MPTF on the DGF’s behalf.  DGA members can apply by reaching out to the MPTF on its hotline (323) 634-3888 or contact them via email at for more information.

Other assistance available to DGA members during this work stoppage -- Directors Guild of America-Producer Pension and Health Plans offers an interim free major medical plan for participants and their eligible dependents who meet certain eligibility requirements. And the DGA Pension Plan now allows members to borrow from their own Supplemental Pension Plan effective immediately.

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