California Film & Television Production Alliance Statement on Introduction of AB 1839

California Film & Television Production Alliance

February 19, 2014

California (February 19, 2014) – On behalf of the hundreds of thousands of people whose livelihoods depend on a healthy California film and television industry, we welcome the introduction of AB 1839.

For the past 15 years, our industry has been increasingly threatened by film and television productions fleeing the state in search of better financial conditions. As other states have ramped up their incentive programs, California has lost nearly all big budget feature film production and most television production to other locations. In 2012, only one big budget feature film was shot entirely in California, and in 2013, just 39 out of 137 one-hour television series were filmed here – shocking declines for a state that has been the heart of the entertainment industry for almost 100 years. Without the current limited California production credit, which has made filming in California a viable scenario for only 50 projects a year, these figures would be even worse.

When production goes elsewhere, so do the jobs, tax revenue, and spending that are critical to the strength of our state's economy. In order to once again be competitive, California must put in place a meaningful, expanded credit that will bring back jobs, increase revenue, and support small businesses and vendors all across the state. We thank Assemblymembers Raul Bocanegra and Mike Gatto for their leadership, as well as the 59 additional co-authors from all over California for their support of this critically-important legislation. Too much is at stake for the people of California to let this heritage industry slip away.

About the California Film and Television Production Alliance:

The California Film and Television Production Alliance is a coalition of guilds, unions, producers, small businesses, and associations that have worked together for more than a decade to promote, improve, and enhance film and television production in the State of California by securing an incentive that will allow California to compete for the films and television shows that generate thousands of jobs and millions in revenue.

The members of the Alliance include: Association of Talent Agents; California Teamsters Public Affairs Council; Chef Robért Catering; Directors Guild of America; FilmL.A.; FLICS – Film Liaisons in California Statewide; Independent Studio Services; International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees; International Brotherhood of Teamsters, Local 399; Laborers’ International Union of North America, Local 724; Motion Picture Association of America, Inc.; Producers Guild of America; Professional Musicians Local 47; Recording Musicians Association; and SAG-AFTRA.

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Press Contacts:

Association of Talent Agents
Karen Stuart
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Chef Robért Catering
Ray Bidenost
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Directors Guild of America
Sahar Moridani
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Philip Sokoloski
(213) 977-8630

International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees
Cathy Repola
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International Brotherhood of Teamsters, Local 399
Ed Duffy
(818) 985-7374

Motion Picture Association of America
Kate Bedingfield
(202) 293-1966

Professional Musicians Local 47
John Acosta
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Pamela Greenwalt
(323) 440-2892

Lily Bedrossian -
Executive in Charge of Public Relations
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