DGA National Board Pledges Support to International Anti-Piracy Effort

Directors Guild of America News

April 28, 2009

LOS ANGELES – The National Board of the Directors Guild of America has unanimously passed a resolution in support of France’s "Creation and Internet" law which seeks to combat the growing problem of digital piracy through an education and warning system that would ultimately result in a temporary discontinuation of Internet service for those people who repeatedly upload or download content illegally.

"Our members have a tremendous stake in this battle," said DGA President Michael Apted. “The DGA believes that online piracy is among the greatest of threats to the health and future of the creative industries. The growth of the Internet has allowed people to engage in piracy with the click of a button, never considering the consequences of their actions on the men and women who create the content they love. The French model is remarkable because it creates a solution that enforces the idea that piracy is serious, while avoiding unfair punitive or financial measures and the quagmire of endless lawsuits,” he added.

The French anti-piracy measure would be implemented through an independent administrative authority that would serve as an intermediary between content providers and Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to identify those uploading or downloading content illegally. Once identified, the authority would send violators warnings on each of the first two violations in an effort to educate and convince the violator of the gravity and illegality of copyright violation and digital piracy. Upon the third infraction, Internet access would be cut off by the ISPs for a limited period of time.

French legislators are scheduled to vote on the measure in May.

Lily Bedrossian -
Director of Media Relations
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