DGA Plans Board of Trustees Approves Additional Three Months of Premium-Free COBRA Coverage for Health Plan Participants Whose Earned Active Coverage Terminated June 30, 2020


August 27, 2020

Recognizing the continued shutdown of production since mid-March due to the coronavirus outbreak, and the impact this has on participants, the Board of Trustees of the Directors Guild of America—Producer Pension and Health Plans has approved an additional three months of premium-free COBRA coverage to Health Plan participants whose earned active coverage terminated on June 30, 2020, extending the total period of premium-free COBRA coverage from three to six months, through December 31, 2020.

Participants who lost earned active coverage on June 30th are eligible for the extended period of premium-free COBRA coverage, provided the Health Plan is their primary plan. Eligible Health Plan participants will automatically receive the additional three months of premium-free COBRA coverage, continuing at the same level as your current coverage, with no additional action required. If you plan to continue COBRA coverage beyond the additional three-month premium-free period or if you would like your premium-free COBRA coverage at a level lower than your current coverage, you will need to indicate your preference by completing and returning the COBRA Election Form, which will be sent to you shortly.

For questions, please contact the Eligibility Department at (323) 866-2200, Ext. 502.

For a list of temporary measures enacted by the DGA Plans Board of Trustees in response to the COVID-19 crisis as well as other resources available during this challenging time, visit the Plans’ COVID-19 Resources and Updates page: COVID-19 Resources and Updates page.