COVID-19 Emergency Relief Fund Second Grants: A Message from Directors Guild Foundation Chairman Todd Holland


September 14, 2020

Dear DGA Members:

As the pandemic continues to impact our lives and our work, we continue to examine new ways to help members. When we first launched the Foundation’s COVID-19 Emergency Relief Fund in March, our $1,000 grant criteria were focused on members who’d lost their jobs in the shutdown. In July, as production remained shutdown, we expanded that criteria to include members who’d worked in 2019 (full criteria available here).

Our COVID-19 Emergency Relief Fund is now in its sixth month of operation, and we continue to distribute grants to members during this crisis. But we also know that many of you who have already received grants are still hurting. Today, we’re pleased to announce that members who have already benefited from the Fund will be eligible for a second grant. Please note that eligibility begins 45 days after you received the first grant.

Our longtime partners at the Motion Picture and Television Fund, who are administering this emergency relief on behalf of the Foundation, will be reaching out to members as they become eligible for a second grant. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call the MPTF on its hotline at (888) 356-0537 – or contact them through the website: – and their professional social workers will answer any questions you may have.

Additional information about the Emergency Fund and the DGF’s longstanding confidential, interest-free loan program for members experiencing financial crises and emergencies can be found at:

And to our members whose generosity continues to fuel our Foundation, thank you for doing your part to keep alive our proud tradition of helping our fellow brothers and sisters in need.

Todd Holland
Chairman, Directors Guild Foundation