Digital Day 2018 - Advanced Innovations

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September 29, 2018

Join fellow DGA members and industry professionals on Saturday, September 29th for learning and networking around the creative, technical and business issues emerging from new technologies.

This event is open to DGA Members and their Guests only.

Digital Day Program 

Programming subject to change. Please see this page for updates.

Panels & Presentations:

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning: Creating with New Tools

  • Machine Learning: How It’s Changing Character Creation & Animation
    See how machine learning is being used in real-time for cutting-edge character animation, physical simulation and image processing. Presenter: Doug Roble, Computer Graphics Software Contraptioneer, Digital Domain.
  • From the Lab to the Screen: A.I. in Post-Production
    Learn about game-changing A.I. technology available for editing, VFX, color and audio and explore technologies in development. Presenters: Durin Gleaves, Product Manager, Adobe Audio Solutions and Patrick Palmer, Senior Product Manager, Adobe Premiere Pro.
  • Enhance Production Workflows for Live Sports Broadcasts
    Discover how IBM Watson's latest technology enables content creators to pull assets in near real-time to optimize video production. Presenter: David Clevinger, Senior Director, Product & Strategy, IBM Watson Media.

Let’s Get Real: Digital vs. Practical

  • An inside look at the aesthetic and technological differences between digital effects and "traditional" or photographic effects — factors that contribute to using a particular methodology and how those decisions affect storytelling. Panelists: Shawn Levy (Director, Stranger Things, Night at the Museum franchise, Real Steel); Joe Letteri (VFX Supervisor, Lord of the Rings/Hobbit trilogies, Planet of the Apes trilogy, Avatar); Erik Nash (VFX Supervisor, The Mummy, Real Steel, I, Robot). Moderator: David Sanger (UPM/Head of Production, New Deal Studios).

The Magic of Horror & Sci-Fi

  • Navigate the ins and outs of horror and sci-fi projects — what does it take to bring the director's vision to life, keep costs down and find distribution? Panelists: Fede Alvarez (Director, Don't Breathe, Evil Dead, The Girl in the Spider's Web); Roxanne Benjamin (Director, XX, Body at Brighton Rock, Southbound); David F. Sandberg (Director, Annabelle: Creation, Lights Out, Shazam!). Moderator: Michael Goi (Director, American Horror Story, Megan Is Missing, MARY).

Production Tools: Apps at Your Fingertips

  • An overview of creative and production apps for Directors and Director’s team members. Presenter: Susan Zwerman (DGA AD/UPM VFX/Digital Technology Committee Chair).
Exhibits & Hands-On Demos:

EXPERIENCE the latest video and audio solutions with Premiere Pro, see future technology, and transform 2D characters into live animations using Character Animator. (demo by Adobe)

ILLUMINATE your set with Anthem Light Cards, swappable solid-state micro LEDs with a lifespan 2000% longer and 1/4th the cost of a metal halide system. (demo by Anthem One)

EXPLORE the latest creative editorial tools available with Media Composer, including ScriptSync, PhraseFind, Live Timeline and 16K project presets. (demo by Avid)

STREAMLINE blocking, framing, lighting and logistics with the Artemis Prime viewfinder—designed to enhance creativity and save time in pre-production and shooting. (demo by Chemical Wedding)

DISCOVER a new range of stabilized floor to ceiling camera movements with the AntigravityCam. Now featuring a heavy camera set up for highly reactive stabilized handheld moves. (demo by Cinema Devices)

CONNECT with your teams around the world in real-time as they securely stream HD content with no latency on a platform designed for spontaneous creative collaboration. (demo by Evercast)

LEARN the latest features Final Draft 11 has to offer, from tracking and reporting on customizable story elements to breaking down scripts for scheduling and budgeting. (demo by Final Draft)

EXAMINE cutting-edge camera tech for both big and modestly budgeted projects and consult with cinematographers, DITs and manufacturer representatives about their real world applications. (demos curated by International Cinematographers Guild [ICG])

DELIVER exceptional video experiences that address the full spectrum of creative intent—motion, color, tone and detail—to every TV and mobile device. (demo by Pixelworks)

RUN a better set with RABS, an app designed to organize, check-in, wrap, and communicate with background actors with unprecedented speed and ease. (demo by RABS)

TRACK all physical assets across projects and warehouses with Asset Hub, the first physical asset system designed specifically for studio workflows. (demo by SyncOnSet)

And More...

For programming updates please see this page closer to the date of the event.

Please note: Participation or mention of any company or product in the program does not constitute endorsement or recommendation by the Directors Guild of America.


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